We showed up in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, at about 6:30 am. The flight was a dusk ’til dawn affair out of Atlanta and went on for 3 motion pictures in addition to around 45 minutes. Didn’t rest at all on the plane. Our manual for see John of God was sitting tight for us when we came out of the things territory.

The drive to Abadiania where John of God plays out his mending supernatural occurrences was wonderful and took about 90 minutes. I saw one McDonalds on the drive however other than that positively no chains. No other cheap food shops yet a significant number individuals had set up tents at the edge of the street in Brasilia and they were selling soft drinks, snacks and different edibles.

Abadiania is a humble community of 15,000 people. It isn’t unexpected to see a pony drawn truck moving down the road or chickens meandering about having briefly gotten away from their yards. Chickens begin crowing around 3 am and they are various.

After our 90 minutes trip from the air terminal, we showed up at Luz Divina – the Pousada (inn) that should have been our home for the following fourteen days. Luz Divina signifies “Divine Light.” These are not lodgings like we would envision. Luz Divina has around 35 rooms all out. There is a feasting corridor that is available to the outside on 2 sides with a rooftop. It doesn’t get cold enough here to require walling it in. There is a dazzling yard with loads of tropical plants, trees and blossoms and a wellspring burbling along in the corner. There are loungers, tables and seats in this yard and we eat the majority of our suppers outside.

On Wednesday we go to the Casa (where the recuperating is finished). The Casa is frequently called an “otherworldly medical clinic” on the grounds that the Beings of Light are taking a shot at a spirit or profound level. We are completely wearing white. This is informed so the Beings with respect to Light can all the more obviously see our air, soul and inside capacities. We meet in the lounge area at 6 am and afterward stroll to the Casa showing up about 6:30. It is a short brief walk.

The recuperating meeting with John of God doesn’t start until around 8 am nevertheless we need to be there ahead of schedule so we can get a seat in the general get together lobby. The lobby isn’t huge holding around 200 individuals. We should stand on the off chance that we don’t arrive early. There are a few classifications of lines that structure. There is a first-course of events, a second-timetable, a profound medical procedure line, and an amendment line. The “second course of events” is for individuals who have been treated by the Beings of Light already; either through observing them legitimately or by having a photograph introduced for herbs. The update line is the place you go before the Being of Light to let him survey the consequences of your medical procedure whereupon he may endorse extra medical procedure or other treatment, for example, increasingly honored herbs, gem light table or remaining under the holy cascade.

The primary gathering of individuals to record into the room where John of God sits won’t approach the Being of Light. They will sit in “current.” They are required to sit for the whole length of the morning or evening meeting – typically 2 to 4 hours. Their eyes must stay shut and hands and feet must not contact. These individuals hold the “current” or light vitality to encourage the nearness of the Beings of Light and their recuperating work. A portion of the individuals in the current room wear eye covers to take out incidental looking as this breaks the current. Some have coordinated male and female gems in their grasp with uncommon blue socks over them on the grounds that nobody else ought to be permitted to see the precious stones. Some have their shoes off so they are grounded to the earth by means of the solid floor.

The primary day I am in the second-course of events on the grounds that my guide had recently introduced my photograph to the Beings of Light in October when John of God was in New York. After around ten minutes in this line, I show up before John of God – or all the more accurately, before the Being of Light that is occupying John of God that day. There are 38 distinct Beings who possess John of God however just each in turn. At the point when this happens, John of God goes into a rest like state and doesn’t recollect that anything that occurs. This is known similar to a full-stupor medium. Edgar Cayce was additionally a full-stupor medium.

I hand the translator my rundown of 3 things to be mended. I and two other ladies in our gathering are all in this line. My guide trains us that when we get in the line we should work to situate a couple of others between us. This is so our guide has the opportunity to help us as we approach John of God. John of God gives the other two ladies remedies for precious stone light bed medicines and additionally such a large number of hallowed cascade visits in which one stands under the cascade for a moment or something like that. I was advised to return at 2 pm (when the evening meeting starts) for an “activity.” The other two ladies returned the following day and got in the medical procedure line and were given tasks for their infirmities. By “medical procedure” we signify “profound surgery”… they didn’t chip in for a physical medical procedure.